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Infuriatingly Funny: Trailer Trash With A Girl’s Name by Stacey Roberts

Trailer Trash With A Girl's Name

Dr. Elizabeth Curry, simultaneously my tormentor and hero, graded my work according to her set of rules written in stone, indelible laws each of her students eventually learned to follow. Getting that coveted A+ was a minor detail. We wanted her respect, and believe you me, that did not come easy.

The gaunt, lanky, snowy top, lady in the long monochromatic dresses and knee-high leather boots often reduced would-be-writers to shameful tears as she tore sub par essays and dumped them in her waste basket. I was victimized early on, we all were. Only half of the initial eighteen students finished her course but when we left, we attained an appreciation for voice, style, originality, and knowing how to compose words to show rather than tell.

I would have loved to have her read Stacey Roberts’ d...

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Smile: Dental Woes Offer More Than A Measure of Comfort


Raina Telgemeier was in sixth grade when a less than graceful fall took her two front teeth. Her experience in her quest to recover a perfect smile went a long way to shape the woman she’d become.
Smile is a graphic novel that takes the concept of Show Don’t Tell to the extreme. It’s a guilty pleasure, absolutely irresistible.

Raina literally illustrates herself as the quintessential tween next door. Her world revolves around her friends, girl scouts, and school. She’s assaulted by insecurities from flaws real and imagined. Boys are suddenly more than interesting and crushes hold the reins of her heart. Though she’s committed to become the sophisticated teenager some of her friends around her have become, she still clings to little girl trends like when she grudgingly sees The Little Mer...

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Venison Stir Fry

Venison Stir Fry Recipe

Venison Stir Fry – Good Enough to Tempt at Least One Vegetarian

If you are a vegetarian, I commend you. In fact, I am downright jealous because I don’t have your willpower. Until this week, I have never met a vegetarian… that I know of anyway. In  a house with two teenage girls, we go through a lot of phases and this week one of the daughter units (age 12) has declared herself a vegetarian.

These declarations (this is the first one pertaining to the vegetarian lifestyle) happen a lot around here so no, I didn’t rush out to buy her a special lunch carrier or her own stash of groceries. I gave it one day… thinking by the time she returned home from school, she would again be a carnivore (she doesn’t know that term yet so no declaration to such has been made).

After a million questions about...

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Things to Do for Free in Charlotte, NC

Kids Having Fun in Charlotte

Check out all the Things to Do for Free in Charlotte, NC

We went to Charlotte when I was a kid but we didn’t get to see much.  My mom and dad loved Jim Bakker and the PTL Club so that was the gist of our activities.  We traveled in a Vega Station Wagon and thankfully, I had the entire back seat to myself so the trip wasn’t too bad.  Just for fun, I will show you – our family ride looked like this (we still have the car but it isn’t driven anymore):

vega station wagonImage Courtesy of http://www.curbsideclassic.com/

I have some friends in Charlotte and hope to take the kids soon. Here is my research for things to do for free in Charlotte. Please add to my list if I have missed some great options...

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Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Bread

Baked Jalapeno Cheddar Bread

Here is a recipe worthy of gift-giving – Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Bread

Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Bread sounds utterly sinful… and it is.  I really enjoy making bread a lot.  Okay, I confess, I like the many compliments and noises my husband makes while eating it.  He thinks I’m some kind of superwoman when I make him fresh bread and well, I’m vain, a teeny bit.

So I search out recipes that I can tweak to make my husband go goo-goo over.  I know, I’m horrible lol.  I found a basic bread recipe that I wanted to try because honestly, the pictures made me drool. I adapted it from a recipe found on Pinterest.  The original poster had some delicious flavor combinations and I still haven’t tried them all yet but I plan on living a long time so I’ll get around to it.

I wasn’t able to ...

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Chicken Fajita Burrito Bowls

Chicken Fajita Burrito Bowls

 Try this recipe for some Chicken Fajita Burrito Bowls that are truly amazing!  

I got the idea for Chicken Fajita Burrito Bowls because my family LOVES Chipotle, the restaurant.  Unfortunately, eating out is on the lower end of our priority list and then with a recent move, there are no Chipotles around now.  So, I decided to combine two recipes that I’ve had for years and then tweaked and meddled with them until I came up with something that is pretty darn tasty.

I make up my menu one week at a time and I have each person pick a meal they want that week because let’s be honest, meal planning is the pits.  I got tired of being the only person to have any input and everyone else complained about the choices I made, so I got them involved and it seems to work...

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Potato Lovers’ Cheesy Potato Salad Recipe

Cheesy Potato Salad

Need a Cheesy Potato Salad Recipe for the potato lovers in your family?

I don’t know how many of you grew up with potato salad.  I did and I hated it.  I think my mom made a German type, but I have no clue because I never wanted to eat it.  Bleh!

Several years ago we had guests over and they brought this Potato Lovers’ Cheesy Potato Salad recipe. To to avoid being rude, I took a two-year-old portion and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

I LOVE potatoes: boiled, baked, buttered, grilled, mashed, scalloped… any conceivable way you could possibly make them. That’s why my mom never understood why I wouldn’t eat her potato salad.

A few years ago I made this Potato Lovers’ Cheesy Potato Salad Recipe for mom… and she not only understood my dislike of regular potato salad but aske...

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Traveling with Your Dog

Traveling with Your Dog

Traveling with Your Dog

Taking your dog on a family trip can be a great way to bond and enjoy a vacation adventure together.  For traveling with your dog to be an enjoyable experience, you should have the correct equipment.  Much like babies, your dog needs special care and equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable trip.  For your next trip, this convenient guide will help you prepare for a great experience traveling with your dog.

The single most important item for traveling with your dog is the dog carrier.  Dog owners have several products to consider when deciding on the perfect dog carrier.  There are basic hard crates, designer dog carriers, wheeled dog carriers, and even dog carriers which convert into dog strollers with just a few slight adjustments.

Traveling with small dogs...

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Delicious Lasagna Soup Recipe

Lasagna Soup with Bread

You Simply Must Try This Delicious Lasagna Soup Recipe!

I know, I thought the same thing when I first saw this on Pinterest.  GACK!  So how did I end up trying Lasagna Soup?  In my endeavor to have our family try new things and have a larger recipe bin to pull ideas from, I said why not.  Let me tell you, I am SO glad I did.

This Lasagna Soup  is oh so darn good;  I can’t even begin to explain it.  I have adapted the original recipe that I found from Shugary Sweets a little and I really like to make my own fresh bread to go with it if I have time.  Fresh bread makes Lasagna Soup that much more yummy.  This soup recipe might be able to get you through the rest of this seemingly never-ending winter, enjoy!

Lasagna Soup Ingredients:

1 pound Italian sausage, mild...

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8 Books for Researching Your Vacation Destination

Check out these 8 Books for Researching Your Vacation Destination

Travelling to a new destination can be an exciting experience for everyone in the family.  For savvy parents, learning about the destination before you get there is as important as the journey itself.  We hope you will choose Heartland Mom as your go-to for valuable vacation information. Let’s have a look at some great books you should consider for your researching your vacation.

Lonely Planet

lonely planet

Lonely Planet is always my first stop, they have comprensive travel books on just about every nation and large city in the world as well as phrasebooks, books about food and books about cycling around specific countries...

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